We want to thank everyone that came to ride in the high mountains this year in Blowing Rock, NC just outside of Boone, for our first Major Taylor Mountain Summit Excursion

The main hotel room at the Homestead Inn will be the spot to sign waivers, pick up base layers and food Wednesday night and Thursday morning.
There is a small park in the middle of town that we will start from each day. All rides meet ay 10am depending on the weather.Rotary Gazebo
Main St, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

Some lite reading:http://majortaylormountainsummit.com/2019/02/14/routes/

Ride Lots

Focus primarily on steady endurance efforts to build up an aerobic base.

While this may be a given for most of you going to a training camp there are a few caveats. First, nothing sustained above threshold! Taking the time in the early season to set a big foundation of fitness is one of the long term keys to a successful year. Unfortunately, when riders get together things tend to get out of control quickly. DO NOT SUCCUMB to the temptation of riding hard tempo or racing each other. Self limit at 10-15 beats below threshold heart rate (HR) for the first couple of days, then open the throttle a LITTLE BIT after that. Using HR as the metric is a great way to plug into the idea of perceived exertion and sustainability.

You still need to stick with the basic rules of progression in volume/intensity or else risk throwing all the effort down the drain by overtraining.  However, make sure you monitor yourself carefully and plan adequate recovery in the week following the camp.

Be Ready for Downtime

You’ll be riding long hours, but after your rides, you may find yourself with a lot of spare time to fill. It might be tempting, especially on the first couple days, to cram in extra activities and workouts, but solid rest is very important —and by rest, that doesn’t mean filling spare time with calls to the office. For some people, chilling out is a chore. Just think of it as part two of your workout: recovery.

Rides are Thursday April 4th through Saturday  6th,  2019.
Three days of cycling in the beautiful foothills and long climbs of the Blue Ridge Parkway – no flat roads on this Excursion!

Pre-Excursion order date for base layer for delivery, has passed. From this date until the day of, all other registrants will receive their items after the event.

Here is what else you get:

Three days of solid riding with plenty of climbing on the Main routes and Grand Master routes, one free water bottle, sag support, on site mechanic, 

Pre-Excursion order date for Kits for delivery, has passed. From this date until the day of, all other registrants will receive their items after the event
Plus other planned activities.





Questions:  mtsummit15@gmail.com