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Start time:
Day 1: April 22 12PM

Day 2: April 23 10AM 


Major Taylor Mountain Summit 2021

Dates: Apr 22 – Apr 24

Location: Blowing Rock, NC


Summit 2021 Stats:

Total Miles for Masters Routes:

102 miles

Total Climbing for Masters Routes:

8,700+ feet

Total Miles for Long Routes:

169 miles

Total Climbing for Long Routes:

14,500+ feet

Beers on Tap at Blowing Rock Brewery today:   10

Welcome to MTMS!

Welcome to the Major Taylor Mountain Summit, Web Site. We like to share our passion for cycling and inclusiveness around the nation. This is our 20th year hosting the training camp in the Appalachian Mountains.

It all started as trips to Bear Mt in New York and Skyline Drive in Virginia for The Major Taylor Cycling Club out of Columbus to get ready for the big rides in the early Spring. Twenty years ago The Majors invited MACC to join them in Gatlinburg TN, from then on it has grown into a major Spring event for Major Taylor clubs across the Nation.

We are starting to host other events like Excursions and Winter Camps with the same idea of riding in the mountains in other locations across the country. This year's Summit is in Blowing Rock, NC April 22-24, 2021.


              Register for the summit today!

MTMS Instructions:

What you need to know:

Make sure you get your feed bag and waiver signed. On Wednesday we will be set up at 252 Sunset dr Blowing Rock, NC 5-7 pm. Thursday morning 8-9 am, and the Gazebo at the start 9:15- 10 am.

Make sure you download all the routes. There are instructions on the website Routes page. SAG is limited. There should be two riders in your bubble with routes loaded on a Garmin/Wahoo/phone app.

Due to COVID-19, we encourage everyone to stay in their bubble. Make sure to start your rides between 8:30 am -10:30 am. There will be one or two “Vaxxed” bubbles depending on how many riders are vaccinated.

Enjoy the town of Blowing Rock, remember to wear your mask while outside before and after your rides, if you need a mask we have extra. At the same time, we hope that you take most of your meals to your lodging.


Jill Paterson will join the summit this year with her friend Tsubasa Makise to give a webinar on multi-day back-to-back riding. Her webinar will focus on tactics to maximize recovery and keep you feeling strong from the first day through to the last day. 

Jill began cycling while living in Japan. Within a few years of starting cycling, she joined a Japanese semi-pro women’s team, and during her three years on the team, she competed throughout Japan and internationally. Upon her return to the US in 2016, Jill continued to cycle competitively. Her accomplishments include winning the GFNY World Championship, getting the Strava QOM for Pike’s Peak, and everesting. Jill has been a cycling coach for the past three years and loves sharing her knowledge and experience with others to help them improve and reach their goals. 

Tsubasa Makise has been a lifelong athlete. After graduating high school she competed for four years on a Pro-Japanese running team. At age 22 she switched to cycling and shortly after joined the Japanese women’s semi-pro team which Jill would later join. For the past 4 years, Tsubasa has raced all over the world as a member of Pro-European women’s teams and on the Japan National team. Currently, she rides for Doltcini, a Belgian team.

 2021 MTMS Kit is Ready

The new MTMS kit is on our Verge store, once we get your registration we will email you the store password.  Thank you, everyone, who already registered so far, if you need access to the store password please contact us here. The kit ordering deadline is March 20th 2021.